AroundSquare Regular Stepped Deadeye Contact Coin - Currency Manipulation, Worry Stone

Material: Stainless Steel Knurled
Sale price$ 39.99

Deadeye - Stepped Edition

The stepped edition of the Deadeyes takes the original concept of a coin designed for contact manipulation, and brings it to the next level by offering a more angular and grippier design, for supreme control. This edition is slightly sized down and slimmed down from the original, reducing the overall weight noticeably. While the new shape is not as ergonomic as a straight up worry coin, the angles provide excellent control for sleight of hand and more conventional "coin tricks".

Dimensions: diameter (35mm); thickness (5mm) [compared to 37x7 for original large size deadeyes]
Available with a knurled or unknurled perimeter

Titanium: ~15.7g
Copper: ~32.0g
Brass: ~29.7g
Stainless steel: ~28.0g

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