CLYW PICKAXE Yo-Yo - Smaller Diameter YoYo Designed for FUN! by Caribou Lodge Return Tops

Color: 28 Stories
Sale price$ 94.99

With a focus on fun over competition specs, the Pickaxe is an undersized version of Caribou Lodge's long-time standard bearer, the Chief. Featuring their iconic double-rim design and an incredibly comfortable profile, the Pickaxe is designed to be hurled around with reckless abandon while you work out ridiculous tricks that will score zero points.

That's what the Pickaxe is for. Have fun!

-Smaller diameter body
-Unique double rim gives long spins and floaty play
-CCYW new favorite
-Your new favorite
-Everyone's new favorite


Diameter - 52.4 mm
Width - 41.3 mm
Weight - 64.4 grams
Response - Snow Tires
Box Art - Mike Lundy

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