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Few & Far Between Taijitu Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal Aluminum YoYo

$ 69.99 

In Chinese philosophy, a Taijitu is a symbol or diagram representing Taiji in both its monist and its dualist aspects.

Taijitu is a simple, yet elegant design that offers high performance play, that you can carry around with you daily.

Weight: 63.81 g/2.25oz
Width: 42.23 mm/1.66in
Diameter: 51.20 mm/2.02in
Gap Width: 4.26 mm/0.17in
Axle: M4x8 mm
Bearing: D Bearing (5x11x5 mm)
Pads: 19x13x1.15 mm
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Taijitu will include:
Taijitu Yoyo, Box with Taijitu artwork, YoyoStringLab Type X String (White, Black, and Ed Haponik Enso white/black mix), Pin with Taijitu artwork, Sticker with Taijitu artwork