Kitty String First Class 100 Pack Yo-Yo String - Normal YoYo String

Color: Hot Pink
Sale price$ 29.99

Kitty String is a world-class yo-yo string company that provides premium quality yo-yo string

First Class
Normal - 100% Polyester
A favorite string of professional players all over the world. Good for all style of yoyoing. Recommended even for beginners. Traditional sized and perfect for thinner gapped yoyos, such as responsive or looping yoyos, or yoyos will smaller bearings that may experience snagging with thicker strings

Strings are between 120 and 125 cm in length, so they are a good choice for those who like longer strings. In anticipation of being cut to a specific length, these strings do not come knotted, so you must tie your own finger hole.

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