RSOxFPM Droid Yo-Yo - Outer Ring Bi-Metal Titanium YoYo

Color: Raw
Sale price$ 479.99

Outer ring Bi-Metal Design, Raw Titanium body with Stainless Steel rings.

Given that Droid is to be a SE yo-yo, it is critical to have an outer ring design instead of an inner ring. The titanium yo-yo body of Droid (without the outer rings) measures at a smaller and hence safer 54 mm, allowing the yo-yo to be machined more consistently. The outer rings makesup the rest of the 57 mm diameter for Droid. Given Droid's bimetal design, it has significantly more rim weight and torque.

Weight: 64g/2.26oz with One Drop energy dome Side Effects (included)
Width: 44mm/
Diameter: 57mm/
Gap: 4.4mm/
Body Material: Titanium
Ring Material: Stainless Steel
Bearing: YoYoRecreation NSK Platinum Double Straight C Bearing
Response: RSO 19mm Type 40 Landing Pads

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