Strummol8 Rosalinda Spin Top - POM with Aluminum Spinning Top

Color: Red
Sale price$ 99.99

Strummol8 is an Italian Company who is the leader in high-end Spin Tops.

The Rosalinda has a concaved profile that is reminiscent of traditional Mexican wooden tops. It features a unique shape that has been machined from two different materials. The combination of POM and Aluminum maximized the stability and spinning power. The weight distribution concept is similar to the double rim structure of yoyos.

One of the first Strummol8 tops to feature the XL spin top tip. The Xl tip holds onto the string easier

Playing with the shapes looking for new balances.

Weight: 76.56g/2.7oz
Height: 84.26mm/3.32in
Body Material: POM
Crown Material: Aluminum
Tip: XL Stainless Steel Bearing

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