YoYoFactory Wide Angle Shutter Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal Design Look and Style - Gentry Stein

Color: Black with Gold Rings & Engraving
Sale price$ 61.99

YoYoFactory has been exploring YoYo design in 2019. In the massively rim weighted MVP the myth was crushed that Bi-Metal design is needed for rim weight. There is the undeniable fact that bi-Metal yo-yos look good. This design YoYoFactory has created the amazing look and style of a Bi-Metal design and kept the price unchanged.

Weight (g): 64.4
Diameter (mm): 55.98
Width (mm): 48.21
Gap (mm): 4.55
Bearing: Size C - CBC Center Trac
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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