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Zero Gravity El MiJo Polycarbonate Yo-Yo - Slim Line YoYo

$ 69.90 
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The MiJo saga continues...and this time it changes into a polycarbonate suit that brings on warmer weather vibes and new attitude for a totally different play.

El MiJo Polycarb retains essential elements of the original version of El MiJo like the functionality of interchanging the different types of bearings to experience different play styles that goes from wide unresponsive to slim fixed axle. It also maintains the same cup design and shape.

Width: 24.3mm-27.6mm/0.96in-1.09in
Diameter: 56.1mm/2.21in
Gap: 2.38 mm - 4.4 mm/0.09in-0.17in
Material: Plastic Polycarbonate

Flat unresponsive D bearing - 5 mm wide
Flat D bearing - 3 mm wide
8 mm and 10 mm axles
Zero Gravity blank d-bearing design.
Single bearing remover