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Zero Gravity KnuckleYo- Begleri Knuckle Roller and Mini YoYo Combined into One Skill Toy

$ 64.50 
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Zero Gravity Return Tops has a tendency to want to turn everything they see into a yoyo. Some ideas from this tendency are, of course, kind of crazy but some others are kind of cool. One day, having this obsession in mind while looking at a knuckle roller, they asked themselves their typical initial question: what if... introducing the KnuckleYo.

A knuckle roller that turns into a yoyo or vice versa. Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper all have similar densities but different enough to have a different weight distribution for each material. The weight is pretty much the same, but each material has a slightly different weight distribution.

A 2mm diameter paracord could do the trick to turn the KnuckleYo into a begleri.

Creating customized tooling to achieve thin walls and thick rims. They ended up choosing an A size bearing and customized pads to properly fit the bearing and yoyo dimensions. Playing with a mini yoyo is challenging. This is not the exception but definitely has great stability to perform complex tricks and to improve your yoyo accuracy.

When not in yoyo mode, you can toss it in your pocket and start using it as a knuckle roller practically anywhere you go.

Yoyo mode:
Weight: 47.7g/1.68oz
Width: 35.8mm/1.41in
Diameter 22.5mm/0.89in
Gap 3.45mm/0.14in
Bearing: Concave Size A
Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper

Knuckle roller mode:
Weight: 53.2g/1.88oz
Max diameter: 22.5mm/0.89in
Length: 61mm/2.4in
Body: Aluminum
Beads: Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper