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MonkeyfingeR The Conspiracy Yo Yo

MonkeyfingeR The Conspiracy Yo Yo

$ 95.00

THE CONSPIRACY: a complete departure from our first team-built, the Tri-B. The Conspiracy was designed and built with competition in mind….. pushing the highest limits of accuracy with its massive catch zone while flowing through your supersonic speed combos. When it comes to competition play, being nimble while getting in-and-out of tricks is what it is all about. The Conspiracy does it in spades….with heart.

Colour combos are like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Each release will come with a Conspiracy, 10 ball hybrid Tasmanian Tornado bearings. Colour matched Monkey SNOT response system. Colour matched Vine yoyo string. 3 info cards, 2 sticks and we wouldn’t release a yoyo without our single leaf pouch. We are now sporting over 20 different patterns on the leaf pouches. These are completely random as to which ones goes into which box so a customer who purchases more than one unit will likely not get the same leaf pouch design bag.

Specs -
Diameter 56mm,
Width 44mm,
Weight 65.4 grams

Raptor skin: Our interpretation of what this predatory dinosaur would have looked like in the wild if it actually got dressed in front of a mirror! It’s Bold and aggressively beautiful with the ability to blend into surroundings while maintaining a balance of contrast and camouflage..
Dimension 52: combining purple, silver and electric-neon pink. Splashes and acid wash bath-blended for the perfect contrast Monkey-punching it’s colour right in your in your face! MFD is known for bright colour combinations and aims to leave nothing on the table except
your jaw…..Mic drop! We have always produced this colour in short runs. Don’t be one of those people to see someone post pics of it and think to yourself, “I wanted that colour-way.” You be the one who posts it!
The Core: our solution to one of most difficult colors in anodizing (Red). We decided to really push the banana tree on this by acid washing deep reds combined with different variations of orange melting into neon yellow. This colour is inspired Mother Nature’s beautiful fury of the recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. Liquid Magman cooling into molten rock creates the most amazing colours on earth…..captured straight from The Core.
Kikazaru: It’s back for an encore! This was our second ever created colour-way when we release our first return top….I mean yoyo: Evil-Yo. Yes, it may be old but it never gets old! Created using yellow, green, red and ending in bright purple. This colour way screams “don’t keep me in the box! I’m meant to be looked at!”

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