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YoYoFactory Stainless Steel Whistling Yo-Yo

YoYoFactory Stainless Steel Whistling Yo-Yo

$ 12.99

If you ask grandpa to dig out one of his old yo-yos, there is a chance that he may pull out an old, beat up, tin yo-yo that has holes all over it. On throwing this yo-yo, you would notice something very different about this yo-yo: it whistles as it spins. To pay homage to one of the best-loved yo-yos from the old days of yo-yoing, YoYoFactory has created the modern performance Stainless Steel Whistling yo-yo.

This all-metal yo-yo whistles when you throw it! But it's not just a novelty. To make sure this yo-yo is taken seriously, it comes equipped with interchangeable response systems (starburst and pad response) and large- and small-bearing options are included. Embossed YYF logos on the side caps make this yo-yo a unique-looking (as well as sounding!) throw.


Material:                     Stainless Steel

Weight (g):                 69.9

Diameter (mm):         59.97

Width (mm):               39.81

Bearing:                     Multi

Response:                 Multi

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