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YoYoFactory Super G Yo-Yo

YoYoFactory Super G Yo-Yo

$ 89.99

Gentry Stein is one of the most competitive 1A yo-yo players of today. To commemorate his success, YoYoFactory brought him to the drawing board with the intention of creating a yo-yo that will take him to the top. The result is the Super G!

Branching from his current competition yo-yo, the YYF Genesis, Stein decided to move a bit more weight to the rim for altered weight distribution and a drastically altered shape.

The Super G offers a comfortable and modern angular shape, tumbled 6061 aluminum with a smooth grinding surface, large YYF Spec bearing, slim silicone response and embellishments on the face and rim of the yo-yo.

This is a true competition yo-yo, designed for the pro by a true pro.


Material:                     6061

Weight (g):                 68.1

Diameter (mm):         56.44

Width (mm):               42.83

Gap (mm):                 4.7

Bearing:                     Size C - CBC SPEC

Response:                 CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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