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YoYoFactory SuperStar Yo-Yo -New Design

YoYoFactory SuperStar Yo-Yo -New Design

$ 89.99

The SuperStar has been used to claim multiple world titles. It's a worldwide favorite of top-level players.

In 2008, YoYoFactory designed a yo-yo that was more extreme than anything that we had ever made before. In that same year, using early Superstar prototypes, John Ando took the World Yo-Yo Contest 1A title. In 2009, with a more developed version of the Superstar, Kentaro Kimura took the World Yo-Yo Contest 3A title.

4 years later, YoYoFactory is releasing the first ever re-design of the yo-yo that has become a standard choice of modern performance yo-yo players. The all new Superstar offers a whole new level of performance: A substantially wider profile, altered weight distribution, lower wall, elimination of hubstack posts, and a re-designed Superstar logo.


Material:                     Bi-Metal - Aluminum w/ Stainless Steel Rings

Weight (g):                 66.2

 Diameter (mm):         54.9

 Width (mm):               42.5

 Gap (mm):                 4.8

 Bearing:                     Size C - CBC Center Trac

 Response:                 CBC 19mm Slim Pads       

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