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YoYoFactory Turntable Yo-Yo - 7075 Aluminum

YoYoFactory Turntable Yo-Yo - 7075 Aluminum

$ 109.00

The Turntable started out as a concept to make the ever popular finger spins easier than ever before, and with the help of YoYoFactory's local machine shop, it became a reality. Made in the US with Space Grade 7075 Aluminum, and stock with a Center Trac bearing, the Turntable has quickly become a favorite throw by YYF players for competitions. Team Member Patrick Canny recently won the SCR Regional yoyo contest, which will qualify him for Nationals. The Turntable is a beautifully unique design!

What's more hypnotic than the DJ in Zoolander? YYF's new gorgeous project yo-yo, the Turntable.

From the record-breaking long-sleeping Buddha King, to the world's smallest playable ball bearing yo-yo (the Mighty Flea), to the first bimetal throw to popularize the genre (Catch-22), YoYoFactory has created many "project" yo-yos over the years that have become instant classics in one sense or another.

Sporting an unmistakable side profile dubbed the "Quattro Foil Rim", YoYoFactory's new Turntable yo-yo another such "special project" yo-yos that ignore the current trends or traditional rules in yo-yo making to create something new and special, and this one is a real head-turner. The multi-stepped side face is truly hypnotic, and actually gives the Turntable a mysterious sense of lightness and balance during play, with exceptionally long sleeps. It has quickly become a favorite of YYF team members.

In addition to the gorgeous design, YYF has turned the Turntable out of 7075 aircraft aluminum, a stronger and more durable alloy than the normal 6061. Also, you may notice that the gently inverse-curved profile makes it feel like the yo-yo lands on center every time you hit the string, giving the Turntable a really satisfying play and feel.

Turn it up!


Material:                     7075

Weight (g):                 66.7

Diameter (mm):         56.47

Width (mm):               44.37

Gap (mm):                 4.8

Bearing:                     Size C - CBC Center Trac

Response:                 CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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