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2007 YoYoJam Bamboo Yo-Yo - Jamboo Pre release Version Todd

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This is a real gem. It is a prerelease version of YoYoJam's very unusual yo-yo that came to be called the Jamboo. It is in good condition with minor blemishes and a few tiny dings. Bamboo yo-yo is a natural material that has an unfinished earthy kind of feel. Very very unique. There were not a lot of these made. They just never really caught on.

I believe they were released in 2008, but this one was made prior to that. YoyoJam is not longer in business.

It says Bamboo Todd on the side hub. I think, but am not certain, that Todd used to work with YoyoJam.

This version is extremely rare. Rare enough to find a Jamboo version, which was the one released to the public, but I've never seen an Bamboo Todd version, which was made prior to the big release.

This would be the star of any YoyoJam collection