2Sick YoYos Serenity Yo-Yo - High Performance Design - Signature YoYo of Devin Jones!

Color: Rose Gold
Sale price$ 45

Serenity is a 6061 monometal yo-yo designed as a signature yo-yo for 2Sick team member Devin Jones. They worked together to bring a great performance design. It’s comfortable and very stable. They went for stability and power while having decent mobility. They tried to get that weight packed into rims for solid spin times. Play-ability on par of a bimetal but with the price cut in half. Also features a great shape that really makes the cuts pop.

When beginning the designing process Devin wanted to make and have something that would be affordable for players to grab. Multiple for competition sets that also performed and looked well. After a couple months of back and forth now the design is currently here!

Serenity is a name that Devin gravitated towards quickly in the design process. He describes yoyoing as his getaway time to relax and make himself happy. Features a great shape that makes the cuts pop.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 47mm
Weight: 65g
C bearing
19mm silicone pad


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