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2SickYoYos Queen Yo-Yo - Aluminum - YoYoSam


2SickYoYos Queen Yo-Yo - Aluminum

$ 110.00

The Queen spins with an agile and light feeling that maintains spin time for all of your combos without a second release. Designed with a well rounded V shape it's made to handle all your tricks and it's not just another competition yo-yo, it is better.
The shape and design of this yo-yo allows comfort and compatibility for many playing styles. It also features a slightly concave hub made for fingerspins with an outer ring that rocks thumb grinds on it's beveled edging. Plus, the ano job is like nothing we've ever seen.
The Queen’s colorways are amazingly vibrant! This is a must have for any collection!
Material: 6061
Weight (g): 63.3
Diameter (mm): 56.4
Width (mm): 44
Gap (mm): 4.3
Bearing: Size C - Grooved Centering
Response: Flowable Silicone

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