AroundSquare Titan Delrin Single Shell - Begleri Caps

Color: Delrin Red
Sale price$ 7.50
Titan (Delrin) Single Beads

NOTE: These are SINGLE SHELLS, not sets, and not complete beads.

These are single Titan Hardcore bead shells made from Delrin. They are listed individually to allow you to choose your own colours and build your own set. Please note that these are NOT standalone begleri beads. They weigh only around 4.3g each and require the Hardcore Gut System beads (sold separately) to give them sufficient weight to play well. They are drilled with a top bore of 3.5mm, our "goldilocks bore" which works great with 275 paracord, and can comfortably accommodate most 550 paracord without much fuss. The Titan Delrin beads are precision machined and are roughly the same size as the Titan AL Sport series. They are fully Hardcore Compatible. Each Delrin shell will be sent with one string.

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