Bahama Kendama Egg - Pill-Style Kendama

Color: Green/Purple
Sale price$ 17.99
Bahama Kendama is devoted to bringing you top quality, beautifully designed and innovative Kendamas! Look for us for all of your Kendama needs!
If you like kendama, you'll love the Egg. No, it wasn't brought by the Easter Bunny, although he has been known to play with it. At just about the size of a large Condor Egg it fits great in the hand. This fun twist on the classic kendama comes from Bahama Kendama.
Whether you like your eggs raw, cracked or dyed, the Bahama Kendama Egg has a variety for you.
Material: Beech Wood
Weight (oz): 4.8
Length (in): 3.75

Note: Uses standard Kendama String

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