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Basecamp Sherpa Yo-Yo Aluminum Yo-Yo

Basecamp Sherpa Yo-Yo Aluminum Yo-Yo

$ 54.99

The Sherpa is an evolution of modern responsive yoyo play. A hollow aluminum yoyo with aluminum caps, the Sherpa feels unlike anything that has ever been produced!

With a blasted finish, amazing artwork, a comfortable slimline butterfly shape (and even dimples for fingerspins for the truly adventurous) the Sherpa is ready for you to take responsive yoyo play to the next level.

Basdic lettering on one side and unique graphic design on the other.

Width: 35.95mm
Diameter: 58.04mm
Weight: 64g
Response: YYF Slim Pads
Stock: Spec Flat & 8mm Axle with a spare Center Trac & 10mm Axle for Unresponsive Play

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