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Begleri - Monkey Fist by Big Larry - Hand Made

Begleri - Monkey Fist by Big Larry - Hand Made

$ 12.99

Begleri is the newest old skill toy. It is as simple as it gets. Begleri is a fidgeter’s dream come true. You can just twirl it or toss it when the need to fidget is at hand. Or you can take it to the next level with complex finger maneuvers.

This version is made of a tightly wound Monkey Fist. Inside the monkey fist is a glass marble that gives your Begleri some weight and helps the monkey fist keep its shape. The Monkey Fist is made from durable polyester paracord wrapped around the marble. This Begleri is handmade by Big Larry exclusively for Zeekio.

The Monkey Fist is available in different sizes to accommodate hand size as well as player preferences. If you are new to Begleri you generally want the cord length to be the width of your palm.

To learn more about Begleri and to see some tutorials check out

Made in USA

Bonus: Comes in drawstring velour bag.

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