Big Lumpy Lady Bounce Ball Begleri - by Big Larry

Sale price$ 9.99

YoYoSam Skill Toys Big Larry's Big Lumpy Lady Bounce Ball Begleri is a whole new animal in the world of begleri. Like the bounce ball begleri, Big Lumpy Lady is made from highly compressed plastic. But unlike a ball, it is irregularly shaped and looks like a rock. It is over sized (that's why we call her Big). It really does bounce like a bounce ball, although the direction can be a little hard to predict. If you are looking for a fun twist on a typical begleri, a Big Lumpy Lady may be just what you need. The cord is made of braided polyester and can be trimmed to fit your own preference. We also add an extra cord in case you want to change lengths. To learn more about Begleri and to see some tutorials, check out Skill Toy Network. ( Comes in drawstring velour bag with extra cord or a different color. Made in USA

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