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C3YoYo Winning Bird Yo-Yo - Purple Silver Splash

C3YoYo Winning Bird Yo-Yo - Purple Silver Splash

$ 99.99 $ 108.99

With the Winning Bird, C3yoyodesign has reached for the skies in its quest to create better and better performance metal yo-yos. We think they've done well as the Winning Bird offers everything one would expect in a modern, high-performance throw. From its low inside wall to its heavy outside rims the Winning Bird is designed for stability and super-long spin times.

For cosmetic appeal, it features a nice purple with silver splash design with a rich look and silky smooth finish.


Weight:          67.9 g

            Diameter:       52.39 mm

            Width:             41.37 mm

            Gap:                4.3 mm

            Bearing:         Central Bearing Co. Center Trac C-size

            Response:     CBC Slim Pads

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