Dif-e-yo Ceramic KonKave Bearing .250 x .188 x .500

Sale price$ 30

The Dif-e-Yo "Ceramic" KonKave Bearing centers the string while at the same time allowing it to move when needed for response.
Most common size bearing in modern yo-yos.
All the benefits of the "regular" patented KonKave bearing, with even more advantages. Get longer sleep times, smoother play and a longer life!
Ceramic KonKave Bearing notes:
The Ceramic KonKave does not offer any response and a Bind will be needed to make the yoyo return.
The Ceramic KonKave should be used with the tiniest drop of light oil. If you heavily lube the Ceramic Stainless KonKave for response it will perform the same as a heavily lubed steel steel KonKave!
Size C - .250 x .188 x .500

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