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Dif-e-yo Gladiator Slave MMXV Yo-Yo - Includes free Strings!

Dif-e-yo Gladiator Slave MMXV Yo-Yo - Includes free Strings!

$ 127.50

Dif-e-Yo really hit it out of the park with one. One of the hottest looking yo-yos of the year. Steady playing yo-yo with rock solid spins that make this yo-yo feel as good as it looks. No doubt this yo-yo was a classic as soon as it hit the market. 2015 Modern Production Player model. This yo-yo is inspired by the Original Gladiator entered in the 2004 Worlds Yo-Yo Mod Contest. GOLD Acid Wash Anodize with Blood Red Splatter Laser Art Graphics Designed by DIF Specs: Diameter: 2.100" inches / 53.34 mm Width: 1.415" inches / 35.94 mm Weight:with Stainless Steel Cap Screws = 60 grams •With 2 O-rings = 62 grams •With 4 o-rings = 64 grams •With 4 o-rings & Aluminum Anodized pogs = 70 grams Bearing: Size C = Patented Dif-e-Yo KonKave Bearing String Gap:.177 / 4.496 mm Response: New DIF-BINDER Response Pads Seated slightly recessed for Response less play with Tight Binds Packaged in a covered tin with Clear Lid Experience the Dif-ference!

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