Discraft Avenger SS Disc Golf- Distance Driver - Many Styles! Colors and Weight may Vary (165g -174g) Sold Individually

Style: Pro-D
Sale price$ 8.99

The weight and color may vary! 10 Speed/ 5 Glide/ -3 Turn/ 1 Fade

Discraft took the best aspects of the The Avenger -- its speed and glide -- and flatted up the edge. The result is a disc golf disc that flies longer and is easier to control. Ams will love it for its flat flight and smooth finish. Pros dig it for mondo turnovers and sky rollers that go forever! We recommend this disc as a beginner driver.

Stability Rating:
Pro D: 0.5
X: 0.5
Z: 0.5
Z Lite: 0.5
ESP: 0.5
FLX: 0.5
Ti: 0.5

Skill Level: All Players

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