Discraft NUKE Disc Golf- Maximum Distance Driver - Many Styles! Colors and Weight may Vary (167g) Sold Individually

Style: Glo Z
Sale price$ 15.99

The weight and color may vary! 13 Speed/ 5 Glide/ -1 Turn/ 3 Fade

The Discraft Nuke is one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This fast flying driver has an ultra-thick rim (2.5cm) and maintains maximum speed for a long time. While this disc is ultra-fast, it is relatively stable for power throwers and had a Discraft stability rating of just 1.6. The Nuke is available in all the plastics Discraft makes.

Stability Rating:
Pro D: 1.6
X: 1.6
Z: 1.6
Z Lite: 1.6
Ti: 1.6
ESP: 1.6

Skill Level: Experienced Players

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