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Dragon Droppings Chain Mail Metal Footbags

Dragon Droppings Chain Mail Metal Footbags

$ 25.99

The Dragon Droppings Chain Mail Metal Footbags are handmade and original. They are made with hundreds of 1/4-inch aluminum and anodized aluminum rings! Almost all rings used have been hand-cut with a fine jeweler's saw. The colored portions are made out of anodized aluminum. This means that they are very tough and that with normal use the color will last a very long time. (Depending on the surfaces you play on and your style, the color may eventually scratch off or fade over time. To make the color last the longest possible time, we suggest you play on soft surfaces like grass and carpet.) Filled with aluminum rings, these weigh a little under 1.5 ounces. When sitting on a flat surface, they are about 2.5 inches wide, and almost 1 inch tall. This chain mail hacky can take a LOT of punishment. And unlike cloth footbags, or cloth-filled chain mail footbags, it cannot get ruined by mud, dirt or water. This means that if you get it wet, nothing will happen to it. Try that with a cloth hacky. And if it gets dirty, just toss it in the wash. It will come out nice and shiny. Step up to a whole new level of footbag play!

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