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efreet Fire Yo-Yo - Not for Children!

efreet Fire Yo-Yo - Not for Children!

$ 189.99

The first yo-yo that can be lit on fire is finally here!?ÿ The efreet Fire took 2 years of development and is working flawlessly. You do not need special strings, bearings or pads?ÿto play with it!?ÿ This yo-yo features a high quality 10-ball bearing so that you can perform all of your tricks as usual.?ÿ
Efreet Fire has a special coating to minimize heat distribution.?ÿ It comes with 3 stacks - 2 of them are smaller in size and the other is disk-shaped and larger.?ÿ The smaller stacks should be used with a very light Kevlar glove and are meant for performance.?ÿ The disk-shaped stack is larger and is meant for video purposes where no glove is needed for up to two tricks (it blocks the flames so that the yo-yo does not heat up as fast). ?ÿ
Diameter: 64mm
Width: 50mm
Weight: 73g/83g stacks/90g disc stacks
7075 aluminum
View Fire Yo-Yo Safety information here?ÿ

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