Grandpa Sam's Dynamic Desktop Spinning Top - Gyro Aluminum Spin Toy - Stress Reducer

Sale price$ 8.99

The toy has a rotating base with high quality stainless steel bearings.

It has a helical groove milled along the edge that continues as a symmetrical helix on the top plane. Rotating it produces an almost magical effect, which looks like a continuous flow of spirals that will merge into the surface of the table.

Precision-machined tabletop toys create a fascinating visual illusion when rotated. Simply rotate it to show the bending effect of a continuous flow of spirals. A dynamic art invites you to convert it from a precisely designed static shape to a hypnotic optical illusion.

The sturdy body and smooth surface make it very pleasant to interact with. It spins quietly, so you won't bother anyone around you. You will stay focused, relieve stress or relax during work hours or brainstorming sessions.

When you rotate it, it becomes a dynamic sculpture. You can change its mode and the direction and speed of rotation.

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