Innova VROC Disc Golf- Mid Range Disc - Many Styles! Colors and Weight may Vary (166g -176g) Sold Individually

Style: GStar
Sale price$ 16

The weight and color may vary! 4 Speed/ 4 Glide/ 0 Turn/ 1 Fade/

The VRoc is a convex rimmed Roc that's based on the San Marino Roc with more torque resistance and a smaller fade. It also tends to have longer range as a bonus. The VRoc is good to go for shot shaping Mid-Range duty right out of the box.

Diameter: 21.8 cm
Rim Width: 1.4 cm
Available Plastics:
Star: 165-180g
GStar: 165-180g
Champion: 165-180g
Metal Flake: 175-180g
DX: 165-180g
Best Choice for: Technical Shots, Long Mid-Range, Torque Resistance

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