Insane Yo-Yo Gift Set - Five Yo-yos - Case and more!

Sale price$ 59.99

Five Great Yo-Yos and lots more to wow players of all levels! Everything you need to dive right into yo-yo heaven. Zeekio Yo-Yo Case with room for 12 Yo-Yos and extras, protective foam and shoulder strap. Two trick Books; "Splitting the Atom" and "Hydrogen Bomb and other Great Yo-Yo Tricks" by Richie. Illustrations and easy to follow directions for dozens of yo-yo tricks. . Zeekio yo-yo Holster with belt clip and velcro safety strap to keep yo-yo safe. Zeekio Ten pack of 100% Neon polyester Yo-Yo Strings. Duncan ProYo, Duncan Freehand with counterweight, YoYo Facotry One (Red), Magic YoYo GHZ , Yomega Xodus II or Nebula. *COLORS and STYLES on each item may vary depending on availability*

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