iYoYo 2 Yo-Yo - Aluminum Performance Yo-Yo

Color: Black Pink
Sale price$ 55.99
Founded by 5 time EYYC Champion, Dave Geigle, iYoYo is a small company with an impressive design team. The iYoYo 2 is the long awaited release of the redesigned iYoYo. Tested by yo-yo players all over the world to perfect the design and give it that special feeling that will compliment any style.
The iYoYo2 has curved h-shape profile with a unique cup design that works great with finger spins and the sandblasted finish will make your grinds a piece of cake! The weight distribution keeps it stable through all of your tricks.
Weight (g): 66.3
Diameter (mm): 55.01
Width (mm): 40.35
Gap (mm): 4.65
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm Slim Pads

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