iYoYo VERiTAS Pro Yo-Yo -7075 Aluminium Weight Rings -Polycarbonate Fingerspin Caps-

Color: Black Red Gold
Sale price$ 69.99

The VERiTAS PRO comes with a set of 7075 Aluminium weight rings for improved stability and spin time. It has a fast solid presence on the string with a more powerful feeling than the original.
Taking it one step further, iYoYo designed some special press-fit machined polycarbonate Fingerspin caps! Fingerspins don't get much easier than this! The polycarbonate fingerspin caps keep the weight low, provide a super smooth feeling, and lock in fingerspins almost instantly!
The iYoYo VERiTAS PRO has professional level performance with amazing fingerspin capabilities!
Material: Tri-Material - 6061 Body w/ 7075 Weight Rings & Machined Polycarbonate Caps
Weight (g): 65.1
Diameter (mm): 53.25
Width (mm): 43
Gap (mm): 4.85
Bearing: Size C - Pixel
Response: iRings - 19mm Slim Pads Compatible

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