King Yo Star Pun Yo-Yo - Jeremy McKay Signature YoYo

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 55

King Yo Star Pun Yo-Yo

The pun is the Signature yoyo of Jeremy "Mr Yoyothrower".  You may have seen one of over 150 trick tutorials he has put out over the years.
He designed this yoyo with both learning tricks and developing your own in mind, while still wanted a competition ready throw.  The result is the "Pun"
This yoyo is rock stable, able to keep spinning while you figure out that next move. There are 6 colors available, 3 solid for fans of simpler yoyos and 3 great splash colors. Grab yours and go learn a trick!

Diameter 54mm
Width 43.5mm
Weight 66.3g
Material 6061 Aluminum

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