MAGICYOYO Crystal K2Plus Yo-Yo - Injection Molded Unresponsive YoYo

Color: Green
Sale price$ 12.99

The CRYSTAL (K2 PLUS) is the latest unresponsive injection-molded Yo-Yo after K1 in MAGICYOYO 2020,which is committed to allowing global players to buy better quality professional 1A plastic yo-yos that can be used for both novice practice and competitive games at the best price.

This CRYSTAL retains a large upper-line width, which is suitable for various on-string fancy exercises.

At the same time, the sphere adopts the standard ultra-thick outer ring design, and the weight distribution is concentrated on the outer ring part, so that it has super idling as a plastic Yoyo .

In addition, CRYSTAL adopts the top finger groove design, so that novices without top finger foundation can easily experience the top finger fun.

In general, CRYSTAL is a cost-effective injection Yoyo that is both competitive and interesting!

Weight: 65g
Width: 43mm
Diameter: 55mm
Gap: 4mm
Response: Slim 19mm

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