MAGICYOYO D5 Dark Sprite

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 28.99
Magic YoYo D5 Sprite Yo-Yo
The Magic YoYo D5 Dark Sprite is an unresponsive CNC machined plastic yo-yo. These yo-yos are best for intermediate and advanced players. The Crystal Edition has a translucent body.
Style: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
Release Year: 2013
Material: Pastic and metal (POM & PMM & Aluminum)
Surface: Smooth & Bead blast
Weight: 68.5g
Diameter: 55mm
Width: 44mm Gap width: 4.5mm (approx)
Axle: M4*10.00mm Response: Recessed Magic YoYo Blue Silicone Pads diameter 20mm, width 2.7mm.
Would accept Yoyofactory Large K-Pads (Size: 14-19). Could be siliconed with flowable silicone or Arexons Motorsil.
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball bearing.

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