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Mk1 YOYOS Umbra Yo-Yo - Light Weight -Ultra Wide -7068 Aluminum Monometal YoYo - B-Grades

$ 50.00 
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B-Grades - Smooth with possible anodization Flaws

The Umbra is MK1 yoyo's 2nd release. It is a lightweight mono-metal with cubic dimensions. That is, the width, height, and depth are identical - it would fit perfectly into a 55mm cube. It weighs in at only 61.5 grams! It's constructed out of 7068 aluminum and has a 10mm axle to keep it durable despite its width. The lightweight design of the Umbra gives it a bouncy maneuverable feel in play and the extra-wide profile will help land your most difficult tricks with ease!

Weight: 61g/2.15oz
Width: 55mm/2.16in
Diameter: 55mm/2.16in
Bearing: C
Axle: 10mm
Response: 19mm slim pads
Material: 7068 Aluminum
Surface Finish: Matte blasted