MonkeyfingeR Begleri VooDoo Edition- KoKonutz - Ape Grapes -

Color: Reversed Wasp
Style: KoKonutz
Sale price$ 45
The MonkeyfingeR VooDoo Edition begleri's are designed to click and clack just like the originals from ancient Greece. They are shrunk down Ape Grapes and KOKOnutz VooDoo style to make them stackable. It’s the foundation feature of the VooDoo series and still 100% compatible with the weight system MonkeyBARs . The VooDoo series is even stackable with the original KoKonutz and Ape Grape releases for those that want the heaviest of precision play!

Each box comes packaged with stickers, SplitB-pouch, 3 Monkey CHORDS, 4 Bumperz in the KOKOnutz box and 4 beads.

KOKOnutz 6.8 grams each height is 21mm

Ape Grapes 6.8 grams height is 15mm

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