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Mougee Star Classic Spinning Cloth - 28" Diameter - Durable and Vibrant Patterns

$ 49.99 

Mougee (moo-jee) Star is the ultimate spinning cloth. It's fun, easy to get started and endlessly challenging. Anyone can do it, and it is totally addicting. If you've ever thought pizza spinning was cool, Mougee is gonna rock you.

Mougee is perfectly weighted and made from premium materials with matching color piping to add extra edge weight to maintain momentum. It's made from premium materials, double stitched with matching color piping.

When it comes to learning or advanced tricks, Mougee Star looks as great as it plays. Great for beginners or advanced players. No matter your age or skill level, Mougee is fun and challenging.

Play with one by yourself or in a group. Whether doing individual tricks, or passing it among friends, Mougee has unlimited ways to play.

Weight: @ 16oz
Diameter: 28 inches

Most patterns are UV reactive for an amazing visual effect. (Bumble Bee not UV Reactive)

Comes in a variety of exciting patterns and colors.