Nimbus Monster Unicycle - Purple

Sale price$ 218.99

Saddle: Club Saddle Seat post: 25.4mm x 300mm chromed steel or aluminum with rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole Seat post clamp: aluminum Quick release, black Frame: 20" Nimbus II Super wide, Steel frame with 40mm stamped main cap bearing housings in shimmery purple! Hub/axle: 36 hole steel superwide, with a cotterless CrMo splindle, 128mm center bearing to center bearing Spokes: 14G. stainless Chrome (184mm in legnth for 3X) Rim: Nimbus Snowcat, 100mm wide, aluminum singlewide Rim strip: Rubber Tube size: 20" x 4" Tire: 20" x 4 1/4" Crank arms: 127mm Chrome steel, cotterless Pedals: Plastic DX style, 9/16 threads Bearings: 17mm x 40mm Approx. cycle weight: 17 lbs.

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