One Drop Parlay Yo-Yo

Color: Brown
Sale price$ 70

From Static to One Drop:
You might recognize some strategically placed elements from some legendary One Drop yoyos from the past (and maybe the present, for that matter) in its design. That’s probably not a mistake. The Parlay features the now signature One Drop response bump, though the area around the bump is sunken into the yoyo, effectively creating the Response Moat. This gives you the classic high wall feeling that will whip your ass into shape, but also gives you increased spin time by reducing string friction. Some players may balk at the weight of the Parlay, shipping at less than 62g with Flat Caps. Don’t go by the numbers though, man, go by the feeling. Despite its light weight, it spins for centuries, and is deceptively stable.
The Parlay is a collaboration in the sincerest sense of that term. Much thought and much love, among other things, went into its design. The result is unlike anything out right now and truly hope you will enjoy it.
Base Weight (g): 58.7
Shipping Weight (g): 62 (including Side Effects)
Diameter (mm): 53.6
Width (mm): 40.3
Gap (mm): 4.32
Bearing: One Drop 10 Ball - Size C
Response: 19mm Slim Flow Groove
Finish: Pyramatte™
Axle System: Side Effects™
Side Effects: Flat Caps (3.3 g)

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