One Drop Prescription Yo-Yo - Signature yo-yo of Jonathan “Doctor B” Best.

Color: Black
Sale price$ 69.99

From One Drop:
Hey there. Doctor B here at your service.
Diagnosis: Need the perfect Yo-Yo
Prescription: Signature Yo-Yo
Prognosis: Most Excellent
At the end of the day, the Prescription feels like the Cascade's older, more refined, and obviously more handsome brother. It's got some float paired with mid-weighting, which means it's perfect for complex and intricate movements. It’s stable and surprisingly fast when you push it hard.
Base Weight (g): 62.8
Shipping Weight (g): 65.3 (including Side Effects)
Diameter (mm): 53.6
Width (mm): 46.3
Gap (mm): 4.35
Bearing: One Drop 10 Ball - Size C
Response: One Drop Flow Groove
Finish: Pyramatte™
Axle System: Side Effects™
Side Effects: Ultra Lights (2.5 g)

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