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OPEN BOX/B-GRADE - Duncan Beginner YoYos 3 Pack - First YoYo - Spin Drifter - DragonFly

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OPEN BOX/B-GRADE - Damaged or missing packaging

First YoYo
Featuring a super-soft silicone body and an extremely responsive performance, all early learners get immediate satisfaction and success with Duncan's "First Yo!. Yo-Yo with shorter string gives confidence for all beginners with the yo-yo returning to your hand without even a tug.

Spin Drifter
New ways to play! Duncan's Spin Drifter offers 3 play patterns in one new yo-yo design! Yo-yo, Top, Stack!. BEGINNER to ADVANCED: Duncan's Spin Drifter is equipped for standard play or use the side-spinners to allow the player to hold the yo-yo while spinning. Many new tricks! Invent your own!. Side Spinning Caps: Secured with small ball-bearings, each side of the yo-yo cap spins independently of the yo-yo. More play more tricks.. Stack and Spin: Much like fidget spinners, the Spin Drifter's sidecaps interlock to allow stacking while spinning. Simply remove the string and wind up like a gyroscope; then pull! How many can you stack while spinning?. LONG SPIN: The transaxle axle design allows for long spin times. For easy string changing, simply unscrew the sides..
Specs: Weight: 55g/1.94oz - Diameter: 54mm/2.13in

The Duncan Dragonfly is back and better than ever! Redesigned from the ground up to meet all the needs for a great beginning yo-yo, the Dragonfly features a polycarbonate body with a plastic transaxle design for extended sleep time, simple construction and reliable response. Screw apart steel axle for knot removal and starburst response provides snappy returns for looping tricks without the need for changing pads! Beginner to Pro the Duncan Dragonfly is a fun yo-yo for the masses, and an excellent update to a classic yo-yo for modern players!