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OPEN BOX - MAGICYOYO Bi ''Bismuth'' Yo-Yo - Aluminum with Stainless Steel Rim - Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 35.00 

OPEN BOX - Open box

The Bi is Magicyoyos entry level throw to its high-end line. It is a model that appeared as a successor model of Stealth. While maintaining the performance of the bimetal, the weight balance is taken into consideration so that the feeling is not too heavy. In addition, the contact surface between the body and the rim is widely taken to give a sense of rigidity.

The face has a seamless design with no edges or steps, and the artwork is arranged on the entire surface. (The logo is printed on one side only and the other side is not printed.)

A yo-yo with a wide frontage that has modern performance and can be recommended as soon as you learn the bind.

Bi is named after Bismuth (atomic number 83), which is also listed in the element symbol table. The base of the logo design is also shaped like a bismuth ore crystal.

Width: 44mm/1.73in
Bearing: C size
Pad: Slim size