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OPEN BOX - TOP YO Colossus VI Yo-Yo - Sixth Generation - YoYo

$ 18.00 

The spherical shape of Colossus 6 is redesigned based on the fifth generation, and the design elements are retained while the proportions and lines are adjusted and reconstructed for grip and distribution. It is also the widest Colossus up to now (44mm). The front of the Colossus 6 adopts a multi-line segment design with a unified style with the side spheres, which is visually more uniform.

The center design discards the classic TOPYO raised structure (such as Mercury, Colossus 3, and Colossus 5), but inherits the recessed structure of Colossus 4 and make it more deeper, Not only to optimize the performance of the finger spin, but also to change the whole weight distribution from the center.

While the outer ring has enough weight to ensure spin time, the central ring distribution also increases the control agility when playing. The weight distribution is as mentioned before, with the outer ring having enough weight to ensure spin power,

The control agility is increased by the inner ring distribution. This makes Colossus 6 more flexible compared to its predecessor.

In order to achieve a deeper center design without bringing too much weight to the center part. The center shaft abandoned the 10mm stainless steel long screws used in the previous five generations and replaced them with 8mm carbon steel short screws.

Colossus 6 also adopts the sandblast profile + glossy response area. The side sand blast finish ensures the performance of grinding tricks and prevents the yoyo from "stopping" due to mistakes when doing the tricks ,and make sure the sphere does not "sticky". The high gloss finish on the front brings a shiny look and feel. The glossy response area also avoids the spinning loss and abrasion of the sandblast finish to the string.

This time we also modified the structure of the bearing seat, deepened the depth of the slot around the bearing seat, it reduce some weight from the very center.

Weight: 65.5g/2.31oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 54.6mm/2.15in
Gap 4.6mm/0.18in
Profile Finish: Sandblasted with glossy response area