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OPEN BOX - VOSUN 6S Aethyr Yo-Yo

$ 20.00 


VOSUN 6S Aethyr Yo-Yo - 
The style of the Aethyr is clearly 'light'. One could say it's the opposite to Vosun's heavier Crawler model. In reality, the Aethyr isn't much lighter than the average yo-yo, but you'll be surprised at how speedy it plays. The moment you put some spin into it, the Aethyr has a really great feeling, of speed and power. The body is blast-coated, and the slightly concave side face means the Aethyr is an ideal yo-yo to play top-on horizontal styles.
Weight(g): 65.5
Width(mm) 43.6
Diameter (mm) 56
Gap Width (mm) 4.2
Bearing Size .25 x .50 x .18 in
Gap Type Fixed
Axle 10mm SUS304