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OPEN BOX - Yoyorecreation Fay Yo-Yo - Extra Bearing Included to go from Beginner to Advanced YoYo

$ 15.99 
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Great Entry level yoyo! There are many hurdles new players must overcome, and getting the basics down correctly is incredibly important. The Fay has been designed specifically for players who are working on those fundamental elements.

By switching bearing sizes, players are able to switch from tug to bind response. This along with the very reasonable price-point makes the FAY a great choice for both beginners and advanced players. Bearing is included.

A notable feature of the FAY is that it is the first Yoyorecreation yo-yo to use side caps. These can be easily removed using a coin or similar tool.

Weight: 68g/2.39oz
Width: 39.5mm/1.56in
Diameter: 62.5mm/2.46in
Material: Plastic