Pennsylvania Yo-Yo Slam 2015 DVD Filmed live at the Bayfront Convention Center

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2015 Pennsylvania Yo-Yo Slam, international yo-yo competition, filmed live in Erie, PA.

Players come from around the world to compete head to head with the world's most popular skill toy....the yo-yo.

Players featured:

Colin Beckford-John Wolfe-David Kane-Philip Tian-Christopher Chunn and many more!

This is a live production from November 21, 2015 with over 20 players in Erie, PA at The Bayfront Convention Center. The players face off against each other in a unique competition integrating a panel of judges and live audience scoring. Competition hosted by Mark Hayward.

Captured by award winning director, Paul Gorman, you get every trick, every move and every exciting moment of the best of the best in skill toys.

Play time: over 1 hour.

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