Rain City Skills SETI Yo-Yo - Very FUN Over Sized YoYo - Many Extras Included!

Color: Melody to the Stars (sky blue)
Sale price$ 50

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence


Aliens! Lets just hope they come in peace, and not leave us in pieces!

This design was a result of me telling Justin "I want something big and round. Like, really big." He sent me this design and we made a prototype, and had a laugh. I figured it would be terrible, I was so very wrong. It's a solid fun yoyo, including the signature Lego Hub you've come to know and love! Because it's an evenly weighted shape, you can really play around with the weight by adding Lego pieces.
It took a while to come up with just the right name and theme. I initially wanted to go with “The Cereal Bowl”, but another brand beat me to that name. Waylon Crase came up with the idea for SETI, since it’s clearly a satellite dish!

I'l be honest, it's a weird design. But the good kind of weird. It plays far better than you’d expect, it is a lot of fun and the best part...it sings! A totally unexpected side effect of the design is that it rings like a bell when you tap it on something (We checked and it’s an Eb). I discovered this feature when I accidentally whacked it into my bookshelf! This is one yoyo you are going to want to ding!

I had some fun with engraving on this one. 3 themes: Melody to the Stars, Bovine Abductions and Mars Attacks!

Width: 40.5mm
Diameter: 67.8mm
Weight: 67.8g
Groove Concave Bearing

What's in the Box?

2x Rain City Skills Thin String
1x SETI sticker
1x Lego compatible Alien Figure

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